Provident has long-standing relationships with a wide network of investing, financing, and operating partners.

Provident is a high-quality partner
Key Strengths
Local Know-How
  • Provident has a strong understanding of doing business in Indonesia and is part of a wider network of well-connected partners that it has invested with over many years

  • Provident is able to solve complex on the ground issues as they arise

  • Provident has raised billions of dollars of debt and equity from its partners to support the growth of its businesses in Indonesia

  • Debt has included bank funding from local and international banks as well as USD and IDR bond issuances

  • Provident follows a relationship bank strategy, it is highly respectful of its bank lenders and no bank has suffered a credit loss from any Provident-initiated facility since Provident’s foundation in 2004

Management Capabilities
  • There is considerable management experience within the Provident group

  • Provident prides itself on the close group of operating management that work across the portfolio

Regulatory Environment
  • Provident has considerable experience dealing in highly regulated industries including its mining companies as well as plantations

  • Provident has obtained permits across Indonesia for its operating companies including TBIG (tower development in all 34 provinces), Merdeka (over 50 permits required to build and operate each mine) and Provident Agro (over 40,000 Ha of plantations). This demonstrates Provident's ability to resolve community issues and work with national and local governments to develop projects across multiple industries

  • Provident's deep understanding of the regulatory environment is further demonstrated by the long-standing growth and success of our portfolio companies

Key Financing Partners