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Provident has built businesses across a variety of industries, including infrastructure, mining, technology and renewables. Provident’s businesses are currently mostly concentrated in Indonesia.

Bersama Digital Infrastructure Asia 

Bersama Digital is a regional digital infrastructure platform with its anchor asset being a controlling stake Tower Bersama

  • Currently owns majority stakes in Tower Bersama (Indonesia) and Alliance Towers Corp (the Philippines) 

  • Exploring tower, fiber and data centre opportunities within the Asian region

Tower Bersama

Tower Bersama, a leading Indonesian independent telecom tower builder with over 21,000 towers

  • Leases antenna and other equipment space to the largest Indonesian telecommunication operators for wireless signal transmission related to wireless voice and data transmission

  • The company also owns and operates a large network of distributed antennae systems (DAS) installed in a building for wireless communications for telecommunications operators in shopping malls and office buildings

  • Market capitalisation of US$2.7 (March 2024)

  • Provident remains actively involved in the management of Tower Bersama. Provident founder Hardi Wijaya Long is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the board of directors

United Towers

A growing independent tower company in China

  • Constructs, owns and operates telecommunication towers

  • Provides tower space for the placement of antennae equipment and related services under long term arrangements with telcos in China

  • Customers are highly rated Chinese state-owned telecommunication companies

  • Over 2,800 tenants across over 1,500 tower sites

  • Provident has two directors on the board, including Provident founder Gavin Caudle

Image by Maud Beauregard
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