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Our Team

Provident is a team of seasoned investment professionals with diverse backgrounds, led by three founding partners.

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Founding Partner
Winato Kartono
Founding Partner
Hardi Wijaya Liong
Founding Partner
Gavin Caudle

Winato is a founding partner of Provident. With 25 years of experience in founding, investing, building and operating businesses, Winato began his career at Bank Sumitomo Niaga, then moved to Arthur Andersen Indonesia, prior to joining Citigroup. Winato spent 8 years at Citigroup and rose to the position of Head of Investment Banking in Indonesia.

Hardi is a founding partner of Provident. Hardi began his career at Arthur Andersen in Jakarta, and moved to Citigroup Indonesia where he became Vice President of Citigroup Investment Banking Indonesia and Director of PT Citigroup Securities.

Hardi currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is on the board of directors of PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk. Hardi is also President Director of PT Provident Capital Indonesia.

Gavin is a founding partner of Provident. With more than 30 years of professional experience, Gavin began his career with Arthur Andersen Australia, subsequently becoming a Partner with Arthur Andersen Indonesia. He moved to Citigroup Indonesia in 1998, as Head of Investment Banking and Head of M&A, prior to joining Saratoga Capital as Managing Director in 2003.

Gavin currently serves as a director of PT Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk and a non-executive Director of Sihayo Gold Ltd.

Image by Jimmy  Chang
Investment Team
Andhika Pratama.jpg

Andhika joined Provident in 2009. Before joining Provident, he was an analyst at RSM AAJ Associates in the Financial Advisory division and was also an analyst in business appraisal firm KJPP Martokoesoemo, Prasetyo & Rekan.

Andhika Pratama


Andrew Starkey.png

Andrew joined Provident in 2021. Prior to Provident, Andrew was a Managing Director at fund manager Pierfront Capital and has previously worked at Macquarie Group and Goldman Sachs.

Andrew Starkey



Arfan joined Provident in 2021. Prior to joining Provident, Arfan was an account manager at Centratama Group. Arfan has a masters degree from Strathclyde business school.

Arfan Buldansyah


Ben Gledhill.jpg

Ben joined Provident in 2019. Previously head of M&A (Asia) at ANZ and head of M&A (Southeast Asia) at Barclays. Prior to this, M&A at ABN AMRO. Began his career at PwC in London in 1997, moving to Asia in 2003.

Ben Gledhill


Benjamin Kiely.jpg

Ben joined Provident in 2019. Prior to joining Provident, Ben worked at New Zealand sovereign fund ACC in their private equity investment team and at ANZ New Zealand in the leverage and project finance team.

Benjamin Kiely


Daniel Lee.jpg

Daniel joined Provident in 2020. Prior to Provident, Daniel worked in logistics real estate and infrastructure funds for Mapletree and Macquarie in Singapore.

Daniel Lee


Daryl Headshot.jpg

Daryl joined Provident in 2021. Daryl graduated from the Singapore University of Social Sciences majoring in Finance with a minor in Business Analytics.

Daryl Lim


sy5_5985 - halfbody_edited.jpg

Prior to joining Provident, Doddy was a senior associate in boutique advisory firm in Jakarta, Eagle Capital, with a focus on IPO and M&A advisory. He graduated from School of Business and Management, Bandung Institute of Technology.

Doddy Rachmat


Douglas Tay.jpg

Douglas is a Director of Provident and is involved in Provident’s biomass business. Prior to joining Provident, Douglas worked at Citigroup Global in its special situations group

Douglas Tay


Edmond Nathan.jpg

Edmond joined Provident in 2011 and has been heavily involved in PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk. Edmond holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics (Finance) degree from Universitas Indonesia.

Edmond Nathan


Eko Widodo.jpg

Eko joined Provident in 2007. He is the Head of Finance Accounting and Tax at Provident. 

Eko Widodo


Ellen Kartika.jpg

Ellen joined Provident in 2009. Prior to joining Provident, she was an Associate Auditor at Ernst and Young.

Ellen Kartika


Eric Yosef.jpg

Eric joined Provident in 2018. Eric was involved in the logistic arm of, Provident Biofuels, and several other Provident businesses. Eric graduated from University of Indonesia with Bachelor of Economics, concentrating in Finance.

Eric Yosef


Erik Trenggono.jpg

Erik joined Provident in 2015. Prior to joining Provident, he was a Financial Controller at PT Cendana Boga Rasa and CFO at PT Cendana Delapan Sembilan.

Erik Trenggono


Febrianto Halim.jpg

​Febri joined Provident in 2016. Prior to Provident, Febri was a business development analyst in one of the subsidiaries of Astra International. Prior to Astra, Febri was an auditor at Ernst & Young.

Febrianto Halim


Gomos Silitonga.jpg

Gomos joined Provident in 2015. Prior to joining Provident, he was a director at Nirvana Development and Medco Power Indonesia.

Gomos Silitonga


Hari Gurung.jpg

Hari is a Director of Provident and was also a member of the senior management in the early stage of Tower Bersama Group and Prior to joining Provident, Hari worked at Saratoga Capital and McKinsey & Company.

Hari Gurung


SY1_8513 - Headshot.jpg

Hans joined Provident in 2022. Prior to joining Provident, Hans was a senior analyst at PwC and was also an analyst at business appraisal firm KJPP Martokoesoemo, Pakpahan & Rekan.

Hans Sutama


Honny Kandany.jpg

Honny join Provident in 2019. Prior to joining Provident she worked at Central Proteinprima.

Honny Kandany


Jack - Headshot.jpg

Jack joined Provident in 2022. Jack graduated from the National University of Singapore majoring in Philosophy and Economics.

Jack Chan


sy1_6214 - headshot.jpg

Kevi joined Provident in 2023. Kevi graduated from Universitas Indonesia, majoring in Management and concentrating in Finance.

Kevi Ahmad Cyril



Kit joined Provident in 2022 and is a member of Provident Biofuels. Prior to joining Provident, Kit worked in the oil industry covering industrial and marine fuel trading and operations.

Kit Yee


syr54333 - headshot.jpg

Magdalena joined Provident in 2022. She graduated from Singapore Management University, majoring in accountancy and finance.



Rosuin Hamra.jpg

Rosuin joined Provident in 2019. Prior to joining Provident she worked in Provident Agro and BNP Indonesia.

Rosuin Hamra



Samuel joined Provident in 2014. Prior to joining Provident, he was a trader at Bank Danamon Indonesia. He graduated from Universitas Indonesia with a Bachelor of Economics, Finance. 

Samuel Hongtin


SY5_4205 - Halfbody_edited.jpg

Stan joined Provident in 2022. Prior to Provident, Stan was based in Hong Kong covering the Natural Resources sector as an investment banker across Asia Pacific and South Africa, with Macquarie Capital and Argonaut.

Stan Wu


Veronika Denstaporn.jpg

Veronika joined Provident in 2021. Previously an associate at Ivory Capital, covering agriculture, manufacturing and consumer industries.

Veronika Dentstaporn


DSC_9862touch up_edited.jpg

Vincentius joined Provident in 2023. Vincentius graduated from Babson College, majoring in Business Administration and concentrating in Business Analytics and Finance.

Vincentius Victor



Winston joined Provident in 2021. Winston graduated from Prasetiya Mulya University, majoring in Finance & Banking.



SY5_2358 - Headshot2.jpg

Yuan Bin joined Provident in 2022. Prior to joining Provident, Yuan Bin was a Corporate Development Manager at a healthcare company listed on SGX and has previously worked at Ernst & Young and KPMG.

Yuan Bin



Yustian joined Provident in 2022. Prior to joining Provident, Yustian worked in various positions in Corporate Strategy, Corporate Development, and Corporate Finance at several holding companies both in Indonesia and South Korea.



sy5_6010 - halfbody_edited.jpg

Zhi Xuan joined Provident in 2023 after graduating from Singapore Management University. He holds a bachelor's degree in Economics with a second major in Finance.

Zhi Xuan Chia


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